oh, you don’t remember?

“Oh, you don’t remember? It was so funny! I can’t believe you don’t remember it at all”

Recently I went to a party, my first party in a year might I add. My friend and I were debating for a long time whether or not we even wanted to go. It was a birthday party that a friend had invited us to, but we didn’t know the birthday boy or any of the other attendees. We went back and forth literally until the last minute when we just said, “fuck it. let’s go have a good time”.

So that’s what we did. There’s something refreshing about going to a party where you don’t know anyone. There are no pre-conceived notions on how you’re going to behave. There’s no one there to judge you on how much you drink, or what your actions are. Most of the parties I’ve attended in the past were thrown by my fellow classmates, so I knew the majority of the party-goers. But this time, I knew exactly 3 people.

Now I’m the type of person who is quite social and friendly once you get to know me, but at a first impression I may seem like a bit of a bitch. Yep, I’m one of those; I’ve got resting bitch face. On top of that I’m not especially outgoing. The first thing I do when I enter a party is take two shots. It helps me loosen up and mingle freely. Well as you can assume, two shots leads to more and before I know it I’m drunk off my ass and having a blast. It’s inevitable for me. No matter if I head out to the party telling myself that “this time I won’t get shitfaced”, it always ends up happening.

But the thing is, I’m not ashamed of it. If I’m going to bother going to a party then I’m gonna make damn sure I have a good time. And for me, that means drinking. Alcohol has always showed me a good time, and believe me, I know how disgusting that statement sounds.

This last party was different though. I ended up drinking more then I intended, or even remember. And I’ll admit it was a little freaky. This is the first time that I truly woke up and had a whole chunk of my night missing. I remember bits and pieces here and there but the more I think about it, the foggier the memories become, so I’ve just stopped trying to remember. Luckily within my friend group we had designated driver, a sober buddy who assured us we’d get home safely. And shout out to her to making sure we did! But it honestly freaked me out to wake up and see snapchats on my story and photos on my phone, and having absolutely NO recollection of either. I even have a video of me and a guy, my fiancee (cause supposedly he proposed), that sparks no memories. All I know is that we made out and exchanged numbers. I woke up that Sunday morning like “what the fuck”.

As far as drinking behavior goes, I’m a lucky one. I’m a pretty easy drunk. Once I’m out of the party I come straight home and crash. I strip, take out my contacts (something I’m proud I do even in my intoxicated state), and go straight to sleep. It’s not till the morning after that I have to face my actions. My friends and I lie around and piece together the night. We tell stories, facebook stalk boys who we thought were cute, and exchange pictures of the night. Cause in the end, we made it out alive. Safe and sound back in our beds. With another wild night to add to the memory bank.

Now that these thoughts are out of my head, let me just say that what I hope you all take from my words is to drink responsibly. While it may sound fun to run out with your best girlfriends for a wild night out on the town, you have to be careful. Be aware that college is surrounded with alcohol, especially underage drinking. So please, everybody, be safe and take precautions!

Till next time, xx.



  1. This was my entire year in 2016. Getting shitfaced and hungover and then doing it all again the next week. I don’t exactly regret it, but I’m trying to limit my alcohol content this year. I’m such an extreme person with alcochol – either nothing or getting blackout drunk. Anyway I enjoyed reading this as it reminded me of so many times last year :’)

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