Netflix and Chill

Who needs boys to Netflix and Chill? Certainly not I. Netflix has become an integral part of my night routine, something which I’m (sort of, not really) proud of. Regardless to how often you may watch it, I would recommend getting nice and comfy while doing so. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite shows to watch, snacks to eat, and my clothes to snuggle in.

☽ Gilmore Girls- If you’re a past watcher of this show, then I’m sure by now you’ve watched the comeback season. If you’ve never seen GG then I highly suggest you start it.

☽ 10 Things I Hate About You- A CLASSIC film, honestly. Could not recommend this more.

☽ The Carrie Diaries- Set in the preteen life of Carrie Bradshaw. Yep, that Carrie. Delve into her life before Sex in the City!

☽ Dried Magos- yum yum yum!!!!

☽ Pumpkin cookies- my roomie just made a batch, and they were absolutely devine.

☽ Your favorite tea- snuggle up and sip your favorite tea in your cutest mug!

☽ Fuzzy socks- an essential for a cozy Netflix night

☽ A cute pj set- just cause you’re chilling by yourself, or with some friends, doesn’t mean you can’t look cute or feel your best. So find yourself a look that makes you shine! I recommend checking out AdoreMe for some adorable, and affordable, sets! They’ve got loads of designs in a wide array of sizes. A personal favorite of mine is the Shannon.

☽ A robe- whether it be a silky, sexy robe, or a warm, snuggle one! If you ever want some inspiration on how to feel sexy or get nice and cuddly, check out AdoreMe’s pinterest! It has mood boards for everything!

☽ A face mask- use your time to replenish your skin! Try a funky sheet mask, or your favorite brand’s mask. A favorite of mine is the Fresh rose face mask. It’s a little steep in price, but a little goes a long way, and the results are worth it!

Let me know you enjoy a night of Netflix and Chill, in the comments below!

Till next time, xx


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