Falling for Fall

Ah, Autumn is fast approaching and I’m sure many people, like myself, are basking in the crisp air and autumnal colors. Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s when the knit sweaters come out, when the long wool coats break free, and the little black bootie kicks back into full swing.

These are just a few reasons that skim the surface of why I enjoy this time of year so much. The weather is perfect; it is not yet so unbearably cold that you cannot leave your apartment, yet the city streets are not yet covered in disgusting slushy black ice, nor are they jam packed with sweaty tourists. Nope, this is neither of those times of year. It is the perfect in between stage.

I’m not sure I can put into words exactly how this time of year makes me feel. It makes me want to cozy up by a fire and read a nice paperback, while wrapped up in a fuzzy white blanket. Do you get the vibes I’m going for? The only thing I’m missing from that picture is a fireplace and a fuzzy blanket. Oh, and also the time! But that is besides the point. I can make do with what I have, so instead I’ll cuddle up in my bed, light a fall scented candle, and read to my heart’s content.

Another favorite Fall pastime of mine is brunch. Obviously this is good for any time of year, but I quite enjoy a lazy morning followed up by a filling meal with my best girlfriends. We then tend to stroll the streets of the area we are in, and take some pics with the changing leaves.

Fall fashion is my favorite. We aren’t yet so bundled up that it’s past the point of cute. Personally I’ve always gravitated towards looser-fitting items of clothing, so obviously knit sweaters are my top choice! In the past years I’ve stuck to a basic sweater/skinny jean/sneaker or riding boot look, but lately I’ve been reaching out of my comfort zone. For instance, I did not even bring a pair of high boots to school with me this year (a decision I cannot decide if it was stupid or clever).

This year I decided that as more fall fashion makes its way into stores, I’m going to be picking up a few items outside of my past comfort zone. A few of these items include a mom jeans, a cowl neck sweater and a long camel coat. In my opinion, mom jeans are the best staple piece in a wardrobe. They can be styled a plethora of ways and as the temperatures drop, you have plenty of leg room to wear a pair of tights underneath for added warmth! Both the cowl neck sweater and long camel coat are pieces that I always admired, but never thought I could pull off. Well, screw that thought! This is the year! The pictures below are some inspiration in how I hope to style these pieces.

Autumn is  such a fun time of year, what with Halloween and Thanksgiving. You should revel in it and enjoy it while it lasts, or before you know it the temperature will be in the 20s and your nose will be frozen. (I’m only speaking to those people unlucky to enough to experience a true winter storm).

Till next time, xx



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