Gettin’ things straight

As I lie in bed at 1:15 AM on this wild Friday night I can’t help but reprimand myself. Why on earth am I going out tomorrow? And not even for a few hours, the whole day! I don’t deserve this treat! What work have I accomplished? Very little. I’d say it’s time to get my priorities straight.

Now as some of you may or may not know, being an engineering major is no easy feat. Constant work and studying in order to remain on top of thinngs. When you add an internship, down time, and a social life into the mix, things get a little crazy.

This semester I decided that instead of looking for a meaningless money-making job, I would try something more valuable. So I started searching for internships and managed to snag a part-time gig! It’s in a topic completely unrelated to the major I study in school, but it sounded interesting and why not try something new? Lucky for me my new bosses are very aware that my education comes first, so they don’t try to max me out.

The problem lies in me. Take this weekend, for instance. I am spending all of  Saturday at a music festival, and I spent all of Friday working at my internship and then hanging with friends. It wasn’t until I returned home Friday night that I began my work, although I still can’t say I accomplished much. So in turn that only leaves me with Sunday to get my shit done. And man is there a lot of shit.

I don’t know about any of yall, but I have never been one to give up my free time. It’s a major flaw of mine. No matter my workload, I am incapabale of working straight through. Obviously everybody needs a break, but their breaks typically last 15 mintues whereas mine can go on for hours! Ridiculous, right?

As I write this I realize that there is not much of a point to this post. It is just my open acknowledgement that I need to prioritize better. Don’t spend hours giving yourself “me time”. It’s ok to turn down an occasional hang out with friends. But most importantly, get your work done!!! Remind yourself that hard work pays off in the long run!


Till next time, xx



  1. i totally get you. but i think its good you manage to keep your free time; otherwise, you might end up hating or resenting your work x

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  2. Sofie Bollen

    I can relate to relate to this so much!! I always prioritize free time over my studies.. It’s not always the best thing and stresses me out more than is healthy, but I could never give up time with my friends. School is just not as fun.. hah

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  3. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! You don’t have to do it but if you do let me know 🙂 I love your blog by the way! If you’re not sure what it is i’ve just posted more about it on my blog under ‘Liebster Award’ x

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  4. Sorry about that! Okay cool I’ll take a look at it now!

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  5. This is totally relateable!

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