What gives you the right?

What gives you the right? To stare at my body as I walk by? To make lude comments towards me? To talk to me in such a demeaning manner? To make me feel so disgusting? You have no right to do any of this, nor does anybody else.

This is directed towards the men on the street that think catcalling is an acceptable  thing to do. Having grown up NYC my life, I’m sad to say that catcalling has been a norm since I hit high school. I’ve learned to look past it, even ignore it most of the time, but every now and then I hear something that gets me riled up.

For instance, I am of Asian decesent and these “men” on the street feel it’s ok to call out “hello” in various Asian languages. This infuriates me for so many reasons. One being, just because of my appearance they assume my culture and act on it in a stupid, irrational manner. No, sir, I do not speak any language other than English. And so what if I did? What did you expect to happen? I would turn around and offer you my body? It’s incredibly offensive to hear this racism thrown at you in an already uncomfortable situation.

I’ve dealt with creepy, leering men in cities all over the world. Yet still to this day I cannot for the life of me understand why they think it is fine. Perhaps next time somebody makes a comment I should turn around and ask him if he would say that to his mother? Or perhaps his teenage daughter?

I beleive that to an extent, catcalling is a generational thing. From my experience, it’s usually older men who make the comments. The kids of my generation might stare and occasionally say something, but I think for the most part it’s the older men. This is a good thing (not the catcalling obviously), the idea that maybe the guys of me generation have moved past this disgusting habit. Instead, we’ve moved into the age of fuckboys. Yippee to us, am I right ladies?

Not yippee, actually more like yuck. This disgusting treatement must come to a stop. Men, boys, everybody should learn to respect each other. To not objectify the opposite sex, or even the same sex for that matter. The cycle of disrespect must come to an end.





  1. The En.light.enment Project

    yes, I love this. I believe that yes females should defend themselves when being catcalled but men should learn that this is not okay and teach other males that cat-calling is disgusting

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  2. YES BABE!!!! THIS IS NOT OKAY… So many of my friends feel complimented by it and Im like how…. GROWN MEN are yelling out of the car to get with them or pull up your skirt. I don’t know if its just me or that is not a nice f**ing compliment. For god sake it needs to stop…. you have inspired me to write my feelings about this if thats okay?? xxxx obvs will give you a huge mention xxx

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    • yes of course! i look forward to reading it 🙂
      but same, i’ll never understand how women enjoy the objectification of their bodies

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      • Totally girlie xxx I’m so excited about this. Actually I was inspired to write about this when I was visiting Bali for 10 days. You couldn’t walk 5 seconds on the street without someone calling out “oh hey sexy come here” or “you have such nice body babe”. I was really upset over the fact that this was the norm. Everyone cat called and girls just got used to it. I had men looking down my top which made me extremely pissed off. I walked around the whole day with one hand over my “cleavage” which was like 1 inch. Nothing at all honestly. EVEN if I had heaps of cleavage who gives them the right to look down my top. Sorry for the ramble. Will do my blog post soon xxxxx

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      • no, don’t apologize! i’m so happy other people feel so passionately for this cause!
        and the treatment u received sounds terrible. it baffles me what goes through these men’s heads.

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      • Awww I know it honestly makes me so angry. Thank you for your inspiration xxxx I will let you know when the list goes up xx I’m following you so I won’t miss any of your posts yayayaya xxx

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  3. Yes I love this!! Such an empowering post, amazing x
    TheButtercupBaby 🌼

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