nyc guide!

I’m lucky enough to have grown up in the glorious nyc! I know from first hand experience just how many people visit here, or plan on visiting here in the future. Today I thought I’d give y’all an inside look on some places to hit up during a visit.

✈ The High Line. It’s a old railroad track converted into an elevated outdoor garden. It’s a 1.45 mile stretch, so just the right amount for a nice walk.

✈ The MOMA. Not news to many visitors, I know. I still thought I should add this, though, because they’re always having amazing exhibits. Before your trip go to their website and see what’s coming to the museum in the upcoming months.

✈ Central Park. Again, this is such an obvious one. However what I suggest doing is picking up some sandwiches, bringing a blanket and speakers, and settling down for a nice picnic in Sheep’s Meadow. I feel it’s a much more authentic experience than a simple walk through or horse-carriage ride, which I definitely DO NOT suggest supporting.

✈ Brunch. NYC is one of the best places to hit up for brunch. No matter your taste, you can find somewhere to munch. There are endless options out there, so choose wisely! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your mimosa.

✈ Brooklyn. Everyone knows about Manhattan, but they don’t all think to pay a visit to the other boroughs. Brooklyn is huge right now, what with DUMBO and Williamsburg. Both are superb places to check out, and if you want a stunning view of the skyline I suggest hitting up the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

✈ Thrifting. NYC has endless thrift shops, and if that’s your thing, you should definitely take advantage while you’re in town.

✈ Chelsea. Personally my favorite. The High Line is perched right in Chelsea along with Chelsea Market, which personally doesn’t excite me. What I absolutely love is walking a few blocks uptown and strolling up and down the streets, going in to the galleries. Chelsea is stocked full of endless (free) galleries. Beware that they can be hit or miss, but sometimes when you walk into one you might just be stunned. There can be anything from a pitch black room with timed lanterns lighting up, an interactive room where you throw yarn around to create a maze, or a room where all you do is tape and tie together broken dishes to create a masterpiece. And yes, those are all exhibits I have stumbled upon. Can’t you tell by how long this bullet point is, that I love the Chelsea galleries?

✈ Planting Fields Arboretum. If you have the means of transportation, this is a stunning trip to make. The journey to Oyster Bay may be a hassle for some, but it is totally worth it. I’ve never been in the dead of winter, but I can vouch for its beauty during the other seasons. (I know this isn’t in nyc, but I had to include it anyway cause I love it so much)

✈ Brooklyn Bagels. Think you like bagels? Well you haven’t lived until you’ve had a true new york bagel (or $1 ny pizza, for that matter). Yes they tend to be overpriced, but it’s a must. There are several places you can go, but I love Brooklyn Bagels. The two locations I know of are by the FIT dorms and in Astoria. Hit up either and you won’t be sorry!


I honestly think I could go on forever, but I’ll end it here. These are just some of my favorite spots to hit up. Hope you all get the chance to experience them.

Au revoir, xx




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  2. This is perfect – I’m going to New York for the first time later in the year and I’m so pumped after reading this! Definitely adding Chelsea gallery wandering and Brooklyn Heights Promenade to the to-do list 😀

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  3. i love this as well xxxx so creative 🙂 theme?? xx

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  4. I’m one of those planning to visit someday 🙂

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