the wetter, the better

Now just what did you think you think this article was about? Get your mind out of the gutter, and keep reading!

Lately it’s been rainy as heck in nyc & I’ve been spending a substantial amount of time indoors. I know many people hate being confined due to crappy weather, while others relish in the gloomy skies. Here is a list of things you can do/be thankful for while it rains.

  1. Canvass embroidery! The other day on Instagram I saw Natalie‘s beautiful canvas work and got so inspired. So just pic up a cheap canvas, doodle your fav image, and go at it with a needle and thread!
  2. Read an online publication. I just discovered that I can read one of my favorite magazines, Local Wolves, for free on the app Issuu! Honestly, what a life saver. Plus this allows me to cuddle up in bed while reading hehe.
  3. Try out a new recipe. I constantly see recipes on instagram and youtube that I want to try out, but never find the time for. What better time than a rainy day when you’re stuck inside? Gather your family and make it fun!
  4. Board games. Totally overdone, right? Wrong. Board games never get old, so crack out the Yatzhee, Monopoly, and Game of Life. Let loose your competitive side and have a ball!
  5. Relax. How often can you say you’ve kicked backed and relaxed for an entire day? Now’s the time! Light a yummy scented candle, turn on you jams, and enjoy your down time.
  6. Make a playlist. Spend this rainy day hand selecting your favorite tunes to jam to in the upcoming weeks.
  7. Write a list of what makes you happy, what your thankful for. Something I would include on my list, is the way sunlight looks when filtering through leaves. There’s something so beautiful and peaceful about a gentle breeze, warm air, and sun peeking through the trees.

What is one thing that would make it onto your list? Let me know down below! I hope you enjoyed this and get some ideas on how to spend your next rainy day.

Till next time, xx



  1. I love the canvas embroidery!😍

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  2. these ideas are all so nice!!! there is something so calming about this post xx

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  3. Aw i love this. These ideas are so sweet, and reading this made me feel relaxed if that makes sense haha.

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  4. Sky

    Such fun ideas! Now I actually want a rainy day 😄
    xx Sky

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  5. omg the canvas embroidery is so cute /KM

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