gotta love it

What the heck? It’s already August? Unreal. I can’t believe it’s less than a month before school starts up again, what is happening??? July flew by and I know I’m a tad late, but here are my current favs and my favs of the past month.

~Rio Olympics 2016: I had to put it first cause I’ve been obsessed. Sorry if it’s not your thing, but it totally has been mine these past few days. I’m constantly amazed at these athletes, their strength, their age, what they’re capable of. It might just be me, but I feel so much pride and emotion whenever my country, the USA, succeeds. When the flag is raised and our anthem is played, a feeling of serenity washes over me. I feel relieved that their hard work has payed off, that they can return home champions. (Disclaimer- this isn’t meant to diss any other country and their achievements! just me speaking as a proud american. everybody else’s successes are just as amazing)

~Film cameras: Finally got my hands on a film camera! Hold up though, not just one, but two! A family friend mentioned she was trying to sell some old camera’s and I pounced. And now I have in my possession two different automatic film cams. I couldn’t be happier.

~Warby Parker: Scored myself a stellar new pair of glasses! Just love them.

~Milk & Honey: Rupi Kapur’s poetry book is beautiful beyond words. Moving and full of passion. You can tell she put everything into her work, and I highly recommend picking it up for a read.

~Lose It: This song by “Oh Wonder” is amazing. Soothing and everything I love in music.

~Slip on sneaks: My beloved white slip on Vans lasted nearly two years of wear and tear, but I’d say it’s finally time to retire them. They have various stains and the edges are falling apart; they’re just not cute anymore. So I went out on my hunt for some cool new kicks and ended up with a classic pair of suede slip ons from Vince and a funkier pair from Vince Camuto. Before you flip a lid about the prices..don’t lol. I was luckily enough to score these babies at Saks Off Fifth! Can’t wait to rock these suckers while walking through the city.

~quote by Mark Anthony: “the universe was never something she feared, but an endless road she would travel carrying a suitcase full of flowers and a pocket full of promises to herself, she intended to keep”


till next time, lindsay xx



  1. okay that’s it. i NEED to buy milk and honey NOW.
    also, the first paragaph is basically me haha
    luv lose it!! /KM

    Liked by 1 person

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