what a babe

You glance across the room and that’s when you see her. Her head is resting on her hand as she gazes outside. Her eyes are full of stars and dreams. A gentle smile plays at her lips. And you think, what a babe.

The word “babe” can mean a plethora of things. Some young lovers use it as a term of affection. Others use it to describe a person they find appealing. And some, like myself, use it as a term of love. Not for lovers, but for those who love me and for who I love. By that I mean my best girlfriends.

Having a strong group of girlfriends (or boy friends) is so important to me. They offer support, they love you unconditionally, they push you to be the best version of yourself. So this one goes out to all the empowering women out there!

“don’t ask her to be a rock for you to lean upon, instead, build her wings, and point her to the sky, and she will teach you both to fly” – atticus

“i know power. i have watched a hurricane from the center. i have seen a woman be a woman” – cleo wade




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  1. im feeling so inspired by this post /KM

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