What I’ve Been Loving

These past few weeks I’ve been really into my new hobbies and newly discovered trends. Many of these things are commonly known, but I thought I’d impart my “wisdom” unto y’all in the event I was the only person late to the game. Without further ado, what I’ve been loving.

1. Goodwill- Recently imparted on a thrifting mission with one of my best friends. We had watched a DIY and decided that, for once, we would try it out. It was my first Goodwill experience, and it was wild with the bins and pay by the pound! I’d highly suggest bringing a friend (and hand sanitizer) along; it makes for more fun and a second opinion.

2. Off the shoulder tops- Several months ago  I scored a cute one from Nordstrom, and just last week I bought one from Brandy Melville. I also managed to make a few of my own from the Goodwill shirts I purchased. There’s nothing better than a classy way to show off your declate, am I right?

3. The Fundamentals of Caring- A random movie I discovered while scrolling through Netflix. A heartwarming film starring Paul Rudd, Selena Gomez, and Craig Roberts.

4. Mangoes- Always have loved them, but they get a special shoutout for being so delicious!

5. Vintage Levi jeans- Have always loved thrifted Levi shorts, but I recently scored an awesome pair of black Levi jeans. I roll up the ankles, throw on a baseball cap and my metallic skater Vans, and am good to go!

6. Code Academy- I’ve been wanting to make good use of my time, so I decided to relearn Python. This website is super helpful! For anyone wanting to learn coding, I highly suggest this.

7. Duolingo- Helping me embark on my goal to learn Spanish. So far, so good.

8. Benefit Porefessional & First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream- Love mixing these together as my moisturizer. I hate the feeling of layering creams on top of each other, so this eradicates that problem while still getting the job done.

9. Anklets- At a beach fair I found a delicate anklet, and have been super into it. The simple stars and moons pendants are stylishly whimsical, and when paired with a maxi skirt and my Birks I feel like a true hippie!

These are the best of my past few weeks, the creme de la creme, if you will. Hope you enjoyed, xx




  1. Great post! I need to watch the movie you mentioned, it sounds really good. And mangoes are the best 💓 /KM

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  2. Very inspired by this!!!!!


  3. I love this – I don’t think we have goodwill over here, but i’ve been really wanting to go do a thift store haul and DIY xx

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