Boston Babes

Traditions are an amazing thing to keep up and I try my best to do so. Yet this year for the first time in my nearly 20 years of existance, I didn’t spend my July 4th weekend in Fire Island. Instead I decided to head to Boston to meet up with a friend. On the drive up I found myself a little bummed I wasn’t sitting on the ferry on my way to my yearly beach shack, but as soon as I arrived my spirits were lifted.

Do you have a friend whose demeanor is so genuine  that you’re automatically happy when you’re with them? I hope you do. Sarah is one of those friends to me. We only get to see each other once or twice a year because of the distance between us (she’s from Florida), but when we do get together we click so well. This was the first time we had spent an extended period of time together, and it was a blast!

Boston has such a rich history, and it was such a great pick to spend the Independence weekend. I’ve been to the city before, but at an age where I didn’t appreciate what it had to offer, and boy did it have a lot!

While walking the beautiful cobbleston streets Sarah and I decided it was the perfect location for a good photoshoot. I rarely get good photos of myself, and honestly I’m feeling myself hard in these, so I thought why not share a few?

Enjoy, xx

P.S- My shirt and shorts are from Nordstrom. My hat is Polo. And on my feet are my nastyass beatup white Vans.




  1. Your outfit looks so cute!! /KM

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