Sell Your Shit!

Greetings internet, it’s Lindsay. (Does anyone recognize that greeting? I borrowed it from one of my fav “beauty gurus” Katy. She’s the bomb & everyone should go watch her videos and check out her blog thekatyproject).

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yea, sell your shit! By that I mean go through your closet, your armoire, your chest of drawers that holds all the crap your don’t have a place for, and pick out things you no longer use/want/need.

I’m sure most of you have tons of items that serve no purpose. So why not get rid of it so somebody else can enjoy it? What I do is go through my room, section by section. I have 2 bags, one to donate/sell and one that is garbage (believe me, I’ve collected a lot of crap over the years).

From there I go through through the bag of stuff to donate or sell. What I think I could make money off of, or is in good condition, I put into the “sell” pile. In case you’re wondering, I use Poshmark to sell my clothing items. Whatever isn’t going to be sold is donated to my Temple.

The process of cleansing your room (or house) is an amazing feeling. Plus it never hurts to buy pre-loved clothing items. After all, fast fashion is a thing, people!




  1. Exactly what I’m doing since I finally have so much free time. Already donated what I was meant to donate, next stop selling. Probably going to try depop since I have no other ideas


    • great! i had both depop and psohmark, and personally i prefer poshmark. even though it’s annoying that they take a percent of your sale, poshmark gets so much more activity. i was getting so much interest on it and nothing on depop


  2. I prefer to donate 🙂
    Kisses from


  3. I was actually just thinking about this (since I just joined depop). I think selling clothing you don’t use anymore and buying used/vintage clothing is a really wonderful and kind of communal thing. In the US we have kind of a mind set going where we constantly need new things (I am absolutely guilty of this) and by buying used things and selling the older stuff, you are starting sort of a cyclical motion where you still get the variety that a lot of people desire in their wardrobe, without spending so much money (because you have the revenue from selling your old clothing) and without just stuffing everything to the back of your closet. I don’t know if that made any sense. -Maia

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