Being Somebody’s Everything

Everybody loves to feel loved. I just watched Meghan Hughe’s video Opening Up About Love and I get it. I understand what she is talking about completely. I recommend you all go watch the video and check her channel out. She creates amazing content and brings positivity and good energy into the world.

But anyways, I’m 19 and have never been in love. I’ve never even been close. I’ve never had a boyfriend. The experiences I’ve had with boys have never led to something more, usually due to lack of interest on my part. A part of me feels ashamed by my lack of dating experience. I hear my friends talk, and I watch my friends who are in love and think “I want that”. Like Meghan, though, I believe in divine time. I know things will happen when they’re meant to.

Yet, still I wonder. In the past I’ve turned down a guys because I saw them just as good friends, brothers even. However, to this day I wonder if that was the right move. I feel as if I contradict myself a lot. I tell my friends that I’d like to date a guy who is my best friend. I want to be completely comfortable with him, and potentially not have to go through the whole awkward dating process (in my head it’s always awkward, but it might not be). On the other hand, all the guys I’m attracted to are guys I don’t know very well. I find that once I become good friends with a guy I can’t see him in a romantic light. Hence the contradiction. I claim I want to be good friends with my future boyfriend, but I could never imagine dating one of my guy friends.

Whatever the case may be, I know everything will work out. When the time is right, I will be somebody’s everything and somebody will be my everything. Like Meghan, I’d like to start a conversation about love down in the comments, so feel free to leave your opinions and experiences below ❤

P.S. There’s only one guy who I truly regret turning down. After it happened we stopped talking for a year, and things have never really been the same. Sometimes I contemplate asking him out, but I don’t know. I’d love to hear your guys’ thoughts on the matter!



  1. I’m a month shy of 19 and while I have been in one relationship, it was mentally abusive. I had always said that was why I ended things whenever they got too serious. I told my friends I liked being independent (which is true) and that I didn’t like putting my emotions into someone else hands. But in my head I always thought that I was too scared of being hurt again, being put in the position I was in at 16. The past few months though, I’ve started up a conversation with myself about it and I think that I know I’m strong enough to be in a relationship and I just keep turning guys down because I haven’t met the right person.
    Don’t know if that made ANY sense but hey I clam up about this kinda stuff haha

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  2. Amazing post! I agree with everything you said.

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  3. just wanted to let you know that you are featured in my most recent blog post 🙂 xxx

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  4. I got so excited when you mentioned Meghan, I LOVE her! anyway, i agree with everything you said and feel the exact same way. “When the time is right, I will be somebody’s everything and somebody will be my everything.” – love that quote xx

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