What Next?

You know that antsy feeling you get when you sit still too long? That’s me currently. This upcoming week my second semester of college ends and I will be free to do what I please. As I currently lie here in bed, with an incredibly painful sore throat and absolutely no voice (thanks, finals, for all the stress), the only thing I can think is: What next?

I have a month break before I get I begin my summer job, so I plan on using that time to it’s fullest potential. There’s so much I want to accomplish while I don’t have anything holding me back. I want to go on runs and take care of my body (pretty general thing to say, but I hope to stick to my word). I want to go through my closet and decide what I want to donate, and I what I want to try to sell (in case you’re wondering, I use Depop and Poshmark). I hope the weather is nice because I plan on frolicking about the five boroughs (Bronx Zoo, anyone?).

My summer job, which is the same one I’ve had for the past two summers, is shit. That’s putting it lightly. Basically it’s too much effort, for too little pay, but what’s a girl to do. Money is money, and I need some. My summer money is put aside for the school year, so I need to put aside a generous amount. Not only that, at the end of the summer I booked a trip to Los Angeles, California to visit one of my best friends. I already know I’m gonna be spending a lot, given the long list of places we want to visit and eat.

But in the meantime I need something to occupy myself with. I’m the type of person who needs constant stimulation. During my month break I plan on crossing several books off my reading list. I want to use that time to be creative. Maybe I’ll start drawing again, or even painting. I’ll be playing my instruments (in case you’re wondering, I play the violin, piano, and guitar). I’d like to try graphic design, but that’s a long shot. The programs that I would need cost money, and I’m not necessarily willing to pay for something I don’t know I’ll get good use out of. I just feel that during the school year I don’t have any creative stimulation, aside from this blog for the past several months. I need to let myself have fun; do something I’ve always wanted. Maybe I’ll finally invest in a film camera and learn how to use it. Or I should learn how to use my DSLR to its fullest extent.

Either way, no matter what I end up doing during my month off, or even the summer, I hope I have a blast. I hope that by the end of it I’ll have lots of great memories to share, and lots to show for my time! xx


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