April Favs

These past few days I’ve seen so many posts labeled “April Favorites”, or something along those lines. And I thought, I should do that. What better way is there to share with y’all my favorite things of the past month. So without further ado, my favorites of April!

  • Orange is the New Black
    I finally hopped on the OITNB bandwagon, and boy am I glad.
  • Watching vlogs
    Some of my favorite people are Meghan HughesRemi Ashten, Duan MackenzieErik Conover and Tara Michelle
  • Baseball caps
    I’ve always been into hats (I’ve been told many times that I have a hat head), but during April I found myself wearing them a heck of a lot! My favs are my two Ralph Lauren baseball caps and my NASA cap.
  • Instagram
    When isn’t this a favorite, right? No, but seriously, this month I found myself truly appreciating the people I was following. So I suggest you check out Isabella (she’s an awesome gal whose words are changing my views for the better—check out her blog The Beautiful Mind), Gracie Abrams (her voice is killer, so be sure to check her out on Soundcloud too), and Caroline Mills (everytime she posts a pic of her artwork, I feel the need to call up Instagram and tell them to create a LOVE LOVE LOVE button).
  • Spotify playlists
    And by that I mean those already made by other people. Specifically Claudia Sulewski’s. I considered listing specific songs for you all to check out, but I suggest you just listen to her Spring 2016 playlist because they’re all on there.
    I’ve also been enjoying the Evening Chill and Feelin’ Good playlists made by Spotify.
  • Trader Joe’s Honey Wheat pretzel sticks & Speculoos spread
    When I feel like i deserve a treat, I dip a pretzel stick into the creamy cookie butter and munch away. It’s to die for, but be wary cause before you know it the whole jar will be finished!
  • Boyfriend jeans
    Don’t ya just love when your legs feel free? Me too.

Well, that about wraps it up. Hope you found this interesting and you check out some of the things/people I mentioned! Till next time, xx


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  1. oh i love instagram and boyfriend jeans too! especially instagram 😀 stalking other ppl is the best thing!!

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