I think it’s fair to say I have a major case of wanderlust. I want to travel everywhere and experience everything! I wish I were at a point in my life where I could just book a trip without giving a damn about consequences. Sadly, I’ve got a little ways to go before I reach that point.

Where do I want to go, you may ask. The real question is where don’t I want to go. Now, I know I have been an incredibly lucky girl to have been able to travel to the places I’ve been; I’m not denying that fact. I feel incredibly blessed to have gotten the opportunities to go where I’ve been. It’s just that the world is huge and there’s literally thousands of places I’ve yet to see.

For the past several years my mom and I have taken a “big” trip each year. This included Hawaii, London, Paris, Italy, and Ireland. To some this list may appear minuscule, while to others it doesn’t even come close to their list. I don’t care about any of that. This isn’t a competition. I went through a phase of desperately wanting to travel outside the US, hence all the European countries. Yet my new goal is to travel within the US.

I briefly touched upon this in a previous post, but this past winter I was able to knock two more places of my list; New Orleans and Chicago! Both were amazing (especially New Orleans; I would definitely recommend). These two trips were totally new experiences to me. Usually on trips I lug around my big DSLR camera and a few lenses, hoping to get the “perfect” shot. However on both of these trips I decided not to bring it along, and boy did it make a difference! I wasn’t worrying about whipping out my camera to get the shot, nor was I having to worry about having my expensive camera on me at all times. This allowed me to experience the trips for their full worth.

I would say next on my list would have to be Arizona. Or San Francisco. Or Alaska. Or Seattle. As you can see, I’m pretty indecisive. I want to go everywhere!

To be honest I am not even sure what the point of this blog post is. I think I just want to document the urgeI have to travel at this point in my life.

College is rough and it would be nice to get away from it all for a little bit. I sincerely hope that my future career, whatever it may entail, allows me to travel as frequently as I wish.




  1. I feel you. I also have a major urge to travel the world and witness the beauty in each place. I definitely want to take a trip to Portland, Oregon and NYC sometime soon hopefully.

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  2. Of course! Just ask whenever you’re ready. I can tell you anywhere from the best brunch places to the best vintage shops or instagram opportunities LOL


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