In today’s society it’s hard not to be jealous. All you have to do is log onto Instagram and BAM, jealousy ensues. This shouldn’t be the case. I bet if any one of you logged on and went to a “popular” person’s page a good majority of the comments say something along the lines of “goals”.

This habit of “goals” needs to end. You shouldn’t compare yourself to unrealistic ways of life. These people do not always have their faces perfectly made up, and they aren’t always wearing the cutest outfit while posed in front of the perfect background. Just as Essena spoke about, these all take time and effort. There is no need to be jealous of how people choose to display their life. They, too are humans, and deal with the same things as everybody else.

Of course, I’m guilty of looking a photo every now and then and thinking how I’d love to have that body or how I wish I had that wardrobe. But when I find myself thinking these thoughts I have to stop and remind myself that I lead a happy, fulfilled life. I may not have the materialistic things that they do, nor will I ever have some of the same opportunities, but I lead a life that is my own.

Recently I read an article in Emma’s first magazine issue, labeled “Me, My Mess, & I”. One article that caught my eye, “You are what you eat” written by Emma and Isabella, discusses the importance of having inspirational people fueling you. They perfectly put into words how I feel about today’s social media society. I suggest you all buy the issue (there’s a cheaper pdf version!) and read this article. Literally right after I finished reading it I logged onto my Instagram and unfollowed 15 people right off the bat.

For my own sake, I hope I do not fall back into the habit of following people just to see their beautiful clothes or perfectly posed photos. I hope I continue on the pattern of posting what I please, when I please. And I hope you all start too!



  1. I’m in love with this !😍

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