Self Worth

What defines you? I sure as hell you don’t think it’s your money or appearance. What you have and what you look like do not shape you as a person. I cannot say that they do not have some impact on your life, because that would be a lie.

One needs to understand that self worth comes from within. It literally does not matter one bit what another human being thinks of you. If they think you’re the biggest asshole on the planet, who gives a damn. This kind of confidence takes time. I, myself, have not even perfected it yet.

I sincerely hope I reach the point where I realize that I am enough; that I am beautiful and that I don’t need anybody’s approval. And neither do you. So you do you, girlfriend. Do whatever the hell you please. If it makes you happy, do it.



  1. Sofie Bollen

    Wow great post 🙂 Very inspirational, love your blog! xx Sofie

    Liked by 1 person

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