My Favorite People

Hey guys, so today I thought I would talk about some people who I admire. Please keep in mind that this is not everybody, I just formulated a list of people who might not be as well known.

Ok, so in no particular order…

  1. Emma Mercury

She’s the editor of one of my favorite blogs, The Messy Heads. Everybody should definitely check it out. Her views and writing are amazing. She’s so genuine, and is the type of person everybody needs in their life. I hope to one day meet her.

  1. Haley Appell

Her work is fabulous. Her style is so cool and retro. She, too, is very intelligent and you can tell by what she writes about. I admire her motivation and dedication. She’s just an all-around cool gal. Everybody should check out her blog

  1. Meghan Hughes

All I can say is WOW. She’s my ultimate woman crush. She radiates positivity and sunshine. Her whole persona is magical. I hope to one day have the same aura surrounding me. Y’all should most definitely check out her Youtube channel. Her music taste is awesome!!!!

  1. Kailee McKenzie

Kailee’s brutally honest and I love it. She doesn’t take shit from anybody. She lives her life in the rawest form, and I look up to that. I love how open she is with her viewers. I know she’s going to go big places. I couldn’t be more proud; nobody deserves it more.

Well folks, I would say that’s all for today. These are just a few ladies who I enjoy. Check them all out and tell them I sent you. If y’all know of anybody you think I should check out definitely leave me a comment!

With love,




  1. I love Meghan Hughes!


  2. I love all of them!!! im so happy I found someone who loves these ladies as much as I do, xx /KM


  3. Do you like Lexie Lombard? She’s similar to Meghan.

    Liked by 1 person

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